Holy Kadhimiya & Its Role in Making Iraq’s History

Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Dabbagh, KHS Secretary General, and his entourage attended the a symposium entitled: Holy Kadhimiya and Its Role in Making Iraq’s History, held by Baghdad Documentation Dept., Center of Revival of Arabian Scientific Heritage affiliated with the University of Baghdad, on Wednesday, 25th April, 2018 under the slogan: “Cities of Holy Shrines are Centers of Illumination for Civilizational Renaissance”. The symposium was attended by the Center’s Director Dr. Majeed M. Tarrad and a number of university professors, researchers, and academicians.
Following some speeches, the symposium started to consider papers with the following titles:
1. Urban Scenery of Holy Kadhimiya.. Most Salient Design & Planning Features.
2. Kadhimain Holy Shrine in the Orientalist Writings.
3. Restoration & Maintenance of Al-Jawadain Mosque within the Kadhimain Holy Shrine.
4. Political Ideology of Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (AS) 128-138 AH.
5. Kadhimiya City- History & Civilization
6. Glimpses from Biographies of Scholars from Kadhimiya as Found in the Books of Biography.
7. Kadhimiya City in the Books of Foreign Travellers in the Ottoman Era.
8. Historical Framework of Holy Kadhimiya and Its Political Role (1914-1918).
9. Sheikh Mufeed, A Prominent Scholar from Kadhimiya.
10. Shareef Murtadha & His Impact on Kadhimiya’s History.
The Symposium was concluded with honoring some participants with certificates of merit.