Maintenance Works on Holy Zarih of Imamain Kadhimain (AS) in Progress

Within the preparations to receive the event of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Mousa Al-Kadhim (AS), the technical and engineering staff from the Mechanical Engineering Section in cooperation with Misc. Services Unit affiliated with the Holy Shrine Services Dept. started maintenance works on the lattice-like tomb cage of Imamain Kadhimain (AS). Eng. Azal Abduladil, Head of Mechanical Eng. Section, stated to our website that the KHS technical units and workshops started maintaining and rehabilitating the holy lattice-like tomb cage of the two Imams in preparation for the millions march Ziyara to be witnessed in the month of Rajab. Detecting some damages in the wooden frame and the steel clamps holding the silver balls, which happened due to water, humidity and external effects, the clamps were replaced with new stainless steel ones that can resist weather fluctuations and high humidity besides replacing the wooden basic framework. The framework will be coated with epoxy which acts as an insulator and resists water, humidity and acids. These efforts will be accompanied by other works such as re-painting wooden structures in the Holy Haram in order to maintain their original appearance. The specialized staff of the Miscellaneous Services Unit will also perform maintenance and shining works for the silver parts of the tomb cage.