Iraqi Palm New Masterpiece by Woodcarving Unit

The Woodcarving Unit of Kadhimain Holy Shrine has come up with a new masterpiece titled: “Iraqi Palm”. The portrait inspires many ideas, attitudes, meanings and secrets. In order to get more details, Kadhimain Holy Shrine website interviewed Mr. Ibrahim Al-Naqqash, the Head of the Unit, who said: “Our staff came up with a new work named: Iraqi Palm, the tree that was mentioned several times in the Holy Quran”. “Indeed, it is that proud palm which generously and abundantly gave its fruit. Today, it has become a victim of negligence, and hence, this national wealth is, day after day, retreating in type and number”. “From this holy place”, he added, “we wish to send our human and national message to the competent authorities to ask them to maintain this national wealth which is no less important than any other resource. At the same time, the palm tree is a cultural symbol that represents Iraq in many international forums. In this work, it can also be described as a reference to the Iraqi woman who, with patience and steadfastness, could overcome the tribulations and misfortunes of successive periods”. “This work which is made of teak,”, he continued, “took approximately four months to complete”.